0-2 Limbo Facelift

I feel like I have a solid team and end up giving up the W by poor game day choices. The following is my current roster. Any advice on who to trade, cut, or toss to the grinder? Keepers were from last season to this season. I feel like Bell, Fournette, and Howard are my weakest links.

QB: Wentz (Keeper), Rodgers, L. Jackson
RB: A. Jones (Keeper), L. Bell, Fournette, M. Ingram
WR: Galladay, T. Hilton, A. Jeffery, B. Cooks
TE: D. Walker, O. Howard
DEF: Rams, Baltimore

I would trade one of your RB’s for either a better WR or TE. Also no need to carry 2 defenses. Also no need to have 3 QB’s unless it’s a 2 QB league. Even if it is I would try to trade one of them to a team with weak QB’s and get better WR’s and TE’s

I’m in a 2 QB league…Might have to deal a QB away…I think Bell has to go as far as my RB’s are concerned.