0-2 need waiver advice

10 team 1/2 ppr and dealing with injuries. Given my small bench, would you drop anyone for McLaurin, Curtis Samuel or Nelson Aghalor?
Cam is going to be dropped to pick up Mark Andrews if I can.

I would drop (or try to trade) Cam then pick up:
in that order

Would you hold Gordon or try to pick up a second from that list?

I think Samuel is the clear pick up. He was startable last week, had 12 targets, and Car played bad. So, we’ve seen his floor thus far.
For me then, the question becomes Gordon vs Agholor. I think Agholor is perfect for teams who need a flex start in the next week or two. Agholor will be valuable so long as Alshon is out and even more valuable if DJax is out. But, when they come back in 2 weeks, he is irrelevant. So, I would drop Gordon if and ONLY if you plan to start Agholor this week and next. Looking at your team, I don’t think you’ll need him. So, I’d hold Gordon on your bench because he is a better ROS hold than Agholor