0-2 Start, Let's make some moves!

My roster in my local 12 team PPR league.
I was thinking of trying to market off some combination of Landry, Godwin, and Golladay to get a RB2 for my team until Ingram is back and then keep whichever one is left for my flex spot. Then continue to stream TE/ QB.

Is there a better way to go about this? Next week I go against a juggernaut team so I need all the upside I can get.

I think you can afford to sell on any WR not named OBJ tbh. Cause you have 2 guys on the bench (Godwin and Golladay) who I would comfortable start in most weeks as a WR3. So if you have to give up a top WR + RB depth to get back a top end RB, I’d do it. Also, don’t be afraid to trade Ingram. I’m pretty low on him tbh due to combination of schedule/kamara leading backfield/payton punishing him.

If you can take like Hilton + Ingram or Landry+Ingram and flip it into an RB1, I’d do it.

You can also try and throw out some feelers for like Godwin/Golladay for Lindsay/Chris Thompson type players as well. Your team is fine. You need stream better D’s though.

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Haha so I’ve tried executing some trades these past 2 days and most want to “revisit the trade in a few weeks” or are just stingy with their RBs in general. Also, the best RB on waivers is Smallwood ATM. So it looks like I’ll be making a choice between Kerryon or Barber this week…