0-2 start… Trade offer!?!?

After an 0-2 (actually 0-4 since we play against the median as well), I was offered Logan Thomas, Latavius Murray, and Michael Pittman for Kittle? Is that worth it? I’m leaning towards it since I need some depth obviously.

Also any other suggested moves, I’d be open to feedback.

Pretty hard no for me. youd just give up on your already risky high pick of kittle. You might as well ride that out for 3 guys that wont make your starting line up

I wouldn’t, you have to assume Kittle is going to bounce back in a big way. Even him returning to above-average play will give him top 10 status.

Those other players won’t even crack your lineup, with the exception of maybe flexing Pittman. Samuel is a few weeks away from coming back, so i’d wait it out and see what he can bring to the offense.

RB is your biggest weakness and Murray alone isn’t going to change that

No way, selling Kittle after 2 bad weeks is not a good idea IMO.