0-2 Start, trying not to tilt, do I make a move?

Not the best start. 0-2 and I’m last in points in my league. Trying to tell myself to be patient for my injuries to smooth over and make a push, but I’m only human. I am somewhat panicking especially with how my team looks this week going up against one of the highest scoring teams thus far.

12 team half PPR. QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex, Def, Kicker, 3 IDPs

I will list out my team below with my current opinions on each player. what changes could be made? anything i could shake up with a possible trade? etc.


Russel Wilson - Major Panic. thought i got him for a screaming deal in my auction draft. i was aware of the line issues but did not think they would be SO BAD that Russ would be getting sacked. Lack of weapons didnt worry me too bad either assuming Baldwin was healthy. Doubt i could get much return in a trade. I absolutely have to bench him for the time being with QB’s like Fitzmagic and Bortles on the wire.

Saquon Barkley - very happy with the performance so far, volume beast, going to get the touches and targets. However i think his upside is limited given the poor offensive line play as well.

Joe Mixon - was looking primed to explode into every week RB1 status with the volume and performance early on. hobbled by injury after surgery. could be out anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

Marshawn Lynch - seemingly solid floor. decent fill in while mixon is out but upside is massively limited to Krampus eating into his touches and Jalen Richard in the mix. while i feel pretty comfortable starting him… im never excited to.

Kerryon Johnson - My mustache. picked him up off the wire before week 1 with high hopes of him taking over eventually in detroit. dude passes the eye test, hes by far the best back on that team, BUT i feel like Patricia is going to have a tough go and of course not realize this. even if Kerryon is the bellcow i get the feeling they dont run the ball enough for him to bust out in a big way.

James White- Picked him up off the wire to start last week against the Jags. Had a decent game and in any matchup where Brady has to get the ball out quick i feel like hes a solid start. but is he a hold? especially when i need a qb? Gordon coming in will eat at his targets, and then we have Edelman back here soon which i think MASSIVELY downgrades his value. As always, the murky backfield with Michel now in the mix. IDK… a lot of question marks.

Stefon Diggs - One of the best in the game if hes healthy. not much else to say.

Doug Baldwin - Got him on the CHEAP in my draft… but unfortunately i was drafting when Jason and the guys were HIGH AF on him and buying low. This of course before the news that he would be “playing at 85%”, and then of course injured his other knee week one. panic button all over the place hear. came into the season thinking Russ and Baldwin could have killed it. with each passing day it seems like this was just wishful thinking.

Chris Hogan - Week 1 was dissapointing, last week i guess i was happy with the TD given the matchup, but one thing is clear, Hogan cannot operate as the #1 receiver. constantly getting blown up at the line against the other teams top corners. I think adding Gordon helps Hogan in a way matchup wise, but Edelman is the thorn in my side here. I just think theres too many mouths to feed when the Pats get to full strength.

Ted Ginn Jr. - Boom or Bust as always it seems. but hes the number 3 option behind Kamara and Thomas on an ELITE offense. guess hes a hold but doesnt really offer any trade value.

Marquis Goodwin - thought i was going to have the number 1 target in an above average SF offense. guys made of glass it seems and who knows his role when he in fact gets back on the field. I think hes a hold but he isnt going to offer much in a trade at this point and id never be high on starting him as i also have Kittle.

George Kittle: High upside, just a down week last week, i think hes still got a chance to be an every week starter once the season gets rolling.

Individual Defensive Players:
Derwin james
Aaron Donald
Ryan Kerrigan

DEF and Kickers are streamed week to week typically.

Am i tilting here? or are things not looking good for the squad here? besides the obvious injuries, it seems i have decent depth, but no one that can really make an impact. QB is a huge issue, and if i cant trade Russ (which i most likely cant), i could be in big trouble as ill have to roster 2 qb’s or drop Wilson entirely.

I realize its week 2. I started off 1 and 3 last year and lost in the championship after dominating the second half of the season before Zeke served his suspension. Played the wire relentlessly and pulled off a couple trades to make it happen. anything i should be doing? or stand firm and pray while my guys are on the mend?