0-2 tilt is incredibly real

After going into week 2 and failing to have my team put up 100 points in two weeks combined, the tilt is alive and well right now. I feel like outside of my QB situation, I’m relatively well rounded, just can’t seem to get any points up on the board. Any particular moves one might make or am I just better off chalking the first two week up to the start of the fantasy season and betting on things picking up?
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If you can just get your starts/sits in order you can win weeks. I too streamed Keenum while having Demaryius for the possible epic stack and got burned, so I feel your pain. Your bench is great - Sony Michel is a great stash, Keelan Cole is coming alive, Marshawn should be a starter, and Baldwin is great when healthy. Just some bad luck early on but it’s a long season, don’t overreact. MAYBE sell high on Keelan Cole (and package Robby or Rex) for a buy-low RB2/flex, like Royce Freeman, Alex Collins, someone you can grab from a tilted owner.

Agree I think overall your team is still okay. Once Michel gets more involved in the offense, you’ll be able to rely on him more for starts going forward.

If you can sell Baldwin for anything, I’d do it. I personally don’t want anything to do with a WR with 2 bad knees with no time table to return and high risk of reinjury. Your weakest parts are your RB2 and WR2. I think if you can package like Baldwin + RB or Baldwin + DT and sell for an upgrade, I would do that.

Also, don’t think you want to own both Michel and Burkhead. In RBBCs, I tend to just pick my horse and run with it cause I am never going to start to guys from the same backfield, even if it is the patriots. My horse this season is Michel, others chose Burkhead. Wouldn’t argue with you either way but just pick one and go with it and sell the other for upgrades.

I’m not sure I’d be buying Collins or Royce though. After 2 week sample size, I am genuinely worried about Freeman with Lindsay’s involvement and I was never high on Collins to begin with. DIdn’t really like his talent that much and for some reason, coaches seem intent on giving Suck Allen more touches.

OP pick Michel not Rex

yeah i anticipated just holding onto burkhead and michel until one of them had a decent enough game to where I could trade one away at a solid value, but im thinking waiting it out might be the wrong move going 0-2 now. Was already considering trading baldwin if i could, so i might take a stab at a baldwin-burkhead trade and see if something lands.