0-2 to start my year

I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of falling in the 0-2 hole for three years running now. I make a plan, rely on the draft kit that the Footballers release and end up still getting nipped in the ass by the bad luck bug. Last year I was able to salvage my season and finish third, barely missing the championship game. This year I am reeling due to my dire RB situation. I came close to going 0 RB in my draft taking Mark Ingram as my first back in the third round (we all know how he’s being scripted in gameplay currently). I took a gamble with Cam Akers too in the fifth (swinging for the friggin fence). That was my master plan heading into the season Ingram as a low RB1 high RB2 and Cam Akers (currently seperated ribs) as my flash in the pan “WildCard”. **The question I have for my fellow footballers is how in the hell can I salvage my season? I was able to snag Henderson Jr. off waivers for the silly FAAB price of $30. My line-up as of right now is:
QB: Kyler Murray
WR1: Tyler Lockett
RB1: Mark Ingram
RB2: Henderson Jr.
TE: Travis Kelce
Flex: N’Keal Harry
K: Will Lutz
Defense: Indianapolis
WR: J. Jeudy (Q)
RB: C. Akers (Q)
RB: Z. Moss (Q)
RB: Chase Edmonds
WR: Henry Ruggs III
WR: Michael Thomas (Q)
Any trade bait that you see on this roster that would make sense?

I’m 0-2 as well due to Saquon and Golladay missing time. I ended up trading Mark Andrews and Marvin Jones for Jonathan Taylor + Dionate Johnson

I suggest you trade Kelce and get RB1 + RB2/WR2 or their TE depending on who it is or even Kyler you can use as bait and get an RB

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Thank you for that advice. I think you’re right.

Like @nmp153 said, Kelce is your main trade bait. You can get 2 startable assets for him and stream at the TE position fairly easily.

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We are thinking Mixon-esque RB’s I’m assuming? I can’t see in this injury riddled field of players someone considering trading their AAA running back.

Yes Mixon, Conner, Gurley, maybe even Drake if they aren’t aware that he had difficult matchups. You likely won’t be able to reach much higher than that.

I wouldn’t hate a pairing of Joshua Kelley/Mixon or Kelley and any of the others. He’s not lighting up the fantasy points but his workload is SERIOUS right now.

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Great advice. I packaged Ingram and Kelce and got Clyde Edwards (who i consider to be a solid RB1) and a currently banged up George Kittle. I feel as though I upgraded my running back slot while only slightly downgrading (very slightly) my tight end position. I’m looking to move Kyler next for a decent QB and a stalwart RB2. Thanks again @B3AMS and @nmp153


Great to hear man! @sizzlincv2386