0-3, dropped Morris for Mixon, good move?

Hey guys! Someone in my league dropped Joe Mixon(not sure why) so naturally I scooped him up. As an 0-3 team, was this a good move?

Had bad luck at the draft but I’ve made some good trades and feel like I have a chance to have a playoff team still. Let me know what my next move should be to improve my team

QB: Rivers
RB: Bell, Mixon, Cook, Ingram, Collins, R Freeman, Carson
WR: Allen, Jones Jr, Robinson, Watkins, Kupp
TE: Kittle
D/ST: Bears
K: Dan Bailey

10 team non-PPR league. Also have an offer on the table for Bell+a WR, probably Jones Jr, for Davonte Adams.

Thanks FootClan!

Very nice pick up. Guessing your league doesn’t have an IR spot. Yea i would try and trade bell for anything you could get. I would shop him around and see if you could get someone better than adams, but I imagine thats about the best you could get for him right now. In a couple weeks when mixon and ingram are back you will have some good variety to start. Good luck.


Thank you! So you don’t think bell + Marvin Jones is too much for Davonte Adams? Put out a PSA that bell was available to my league and didn’t get too much interest

With you being 0-3 you cant wait for week 10 to ride out bell. If he even plays then. I like the adams trade. Marvin has done good so far but I don’t see him sustaining his touchdowns. Adams would just be a safer play.


I think you have too much depth when you have to drop Morris. Package a few players together and get a stud. Good bench players won’t get you wins.

My next move would be to move bell, try something like bell for Ingram or hunt. Or if you know your league maybe you can get more

Thanks everybody! Definitely think I need to upgrade some pieces, especially at WR. The Adams owner said he’ll do Bell/Jones Jr for Adams, but I’m going to offer that trade to the Brown, Hopkins, and OBJ owners to see if any of them bite