0-3 fix my team help

10 Team Superflex Full PPR

QB: Brady, Bridewater, Tua - who im debating dropping
RB: Mixon, CEH, Javonte Williams, Chuba, Eli
WR: Terry, Lamb, Arob, Diontae, Higgins, Aiyuk
TE: Gronk and Pitts

So I plan on benching arob and starting Chuba in the flex. But should I make any other changes? Do I need to start benching either Mixon or CEH if they have bad matchups? Cant buy a win.

I think your RB:WR will come around. Looks like you need a stronger QB2. Maybe send a lower tier player or two for a guy like sighs Sam Darnold or even Derek Carr. Cheap but fills the need

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So the Josh Allen owner also has Mahomes and he is very TE needy and likes to trade. If I could pull off Pitts and Bridgewater for Allen should I do that? Probably dumb question / yes i should lol