0-3 Gang Need Trade Advice

My team is hot butt cheese right now and I want to keep grinding out the season. Saquon and Leveon Bell have been less than impressive :frowning: -__-

I’ve had a bunch of people ask about DK and Lamar in trades. What should I be looking for to kind of right my ship. The guy who wants DK the most has players like Josh Allen, J Rob, Chubb, Josh Jacobs, Diggs.

Another guy willing to trade has players like Gaskin and Darrel Henderson, could do a package deal for some decent depth. I’m currently starting AP and Chris Thompson and I hate my life. Help! League is .5 PPR 12 team. Waiver wires are usually picked clean of the weekly big names.

If he wants DK badly, I would look to see if you could get one of his top RBs, maybe package DK with AP for one of his RB1s and something else if you’re interested. Losing Saquon is tough, sorry about the luck.

You definitely need to trade the WR depth for something, And I’d shop Lamar and Metcalf. you can make due just fine with the left over WRs and if this is a sleeperbowl league or like most there are 10+ great streamer candidates on waiver at QB

Who would make sense to get in return for Lamar, DK , or both?

That depends on other team makeups, look for the guy with 3 stud rbs there is usually 1. Perhaps he’s streaming QBs. Lamar should net a top 6-12 rb minimum and Two good 12-24rbs like a mostert and montgomery/sanders something of that sort. Metcalf would be a 12-24 rb like Sanders (potential buy low), Montgomery, Gordon. Something like that, but again it’s all team dependent.

Jeez, how deep of a bench is your league!! Lol

Definitely try to acquire one of the stud RBs, and package DK with the other decent WRs to even out the value.
Is he trying to just get DK for the sake of DK? Or is his WR depth pretty thin after Diggs?
It’s obvious that you’re hurting at RB so try not to give in too much, and find a hole in the other teams roster that they need filled.

As for Lamar…I would try to hold on to him but if he needs to be in the package for a deal to be made then that’s that. But I would try to find a way to keep him on the roster

Lol my roster photo includes Jarwin and Bell on IR. We are also discussing cutting 1 or 2 bench slots next season.

The guy who’s all about DK has Gallup, Lazar’s, Aiyuk, Kirk behind Diggs. He has Josh Jacobs, Jonathan Taylor, Chubb, J Rob at startable RB. He was interested in Lamar and was willing to send over Josh Allen as part of the deal. He was being a bit stingy with Taylor, however.

I definitely need to try something though.

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If he’d do Jacobs / Allen for Lamar / DK then I’d be okay with that. You might try to squeeze for an additional RB depth piece (back up RB guy), but that trade wouldn’t offend me. Sucks losing DK, but gaining Jacobs is a nice get. I also think Allen, to my admitted surprise, is looking good passing.