0-3 got offered a interesting trade

David Johnson and Randall Cobb for Keenan Allen and Dion Lewis.
Now I think this is a good trade for me I want to make sure I’m not tilt trading
My team
QB- stream
RB- David Johnson
RB- Dalvin Cook
WR will fuller
WR cupp
TE Njoku
Flex Hogan/ Lindsay
B Latavius Murray
B Doug Baldwin
B Larry Fitz
B Randall Cobb
Please help. Thanks!

I don’t like it. I don’t buy into Allen completely especially seeing how well Mike Williams gelled with Rivers this past week. DJ is DJ and Randal Cobb gets a look from Rodgers every time they’re in the red zone.

I wouldn’t. Seems like your team wold be quite weak at RB if that happened