0-3 help. major moves or trust the process?

Great team on paper, but keep getting edged out due to opponent’s miracle games. Then the injury to Saquon.

Do I need to make any major changes or ride it out and hope luck turns my way?

Jimmy G (D Jones for this week)

Barkley, Montgomery, J Williams, Hyde, M. Brown

Julio, Scary Terry, Hollywood Brown, Mecole Hardman, AJ Green

Kittle, Dissley



If im being honest, that team isnt very good on paper, and with Saquon out for a while it’s going to be very tough for you to compete. Try to trade Saquon and a piece for a top rb you can use now

The Rb position is lacking. I would try to move Mclaurin and Saquon for a RB.

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