0-3, interesting trade offer

Full pt, 6pt qb td.

My league drafted QBs like crazy and early…couldn’t get a decent QBs after the 8th round. I feel good on depth (although I lost McKinnon), but my best QB option right now is Tannehill or Mayfield.

I was just offered Mahomes and JHoward for Saquon…thoughts?


I would absolutely accept that. In any format

With 6 pt qb TD’s you definitely take this trade.


Take that trade

Do the trade for sure!!!

Great for you for sure, who’s his QB he’s planning on falling back on is my question.

Agreed. Saquon is hot comodity and P Mahomes is worth it and with the Bears having the poor passing game they do you have to love the idea of 20 touches min/game for J Howard.

He has RWilson to fall back on, so I’m hesitant to create a super team for him lol

Hmm, yea that could set him up nicely as well. Who’s his other running backs also? I have Barkley in my dynasty league and he’s untouchable for me unless a trade just completely blows me away. He has looked good his first three games while not having a huge game running AND receiving which I think will happen multiple times this season. Mahomes has been out of this world though so it’s a tough call. If he has someone better than Howard, I would flop them and see if he goes for it