0-3 Roster Help Pls

Horrible start once again, but I do feel the roster is in good shape. Scoring is standard and these are my guys

Josh Allen

Nick Chubb
Chris Carson
Devonta Freeman
Chris Thompson
Malcom Brown

DeAndre Hopkins
D.J. Moore
Terry McLaurin
John Ross III
DK Metcalf
Jarvis Landry

Vance McDonald

Brett Maher

LA Chargers

Anything I’m missing here or an area I’m too light on?

Have played Chubb, Carson, Freeman, Hopkins and Moore as my lineup every week but will likely play McLaurin for Moore this week.

DeMarcus Robinson is available on WW so will probably look at a little bid removing Landry.

Roster looks competitive, I personally would try to flip Devonta Freeman and a piece for an upgrade at rb. I just dont trust the Falcons o-line and maybe you can capitalize on a decent game last week.

Thanks, I was trying to make this happen last week but couldn’t manage to get it done. What sort of RB’s should I be targeting? I have some decent WR depth to make it happen.

McLaurin + Freeman should have me able to reach quite high

Personally I like McLaurin more than JR3. If you can do JR3 and Freeman for someone like Kerryon, Fournette, or Jacobs, I think those would be good additions. But it probably depends on what those owners need. They might want something like Freeman and Metcalf instead or Freeman and Thompson so it’s hard to say until you ask.

Yeah I’d much rather keep McLaurin as well