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0-3. Scratching and clawing my way back. Make me feel good


I just need a little pep talk and let me know I’m gonna be ok. 12 man league, pretty competitive with a few bone heads (I think)

The first deal I did was getting AB for Melvin Gordon. This left me with Ty Mont and Crowell starting rbs.

Jordy and AB and Diggs At wr.

Bonehead dropped Matvaus Bryant and I picked him up.
Traded Bryant for Joe Mixon before last weeks mild breakout game.
Then I just flipped mixon and d Jack for Jay Ayjai.

So now myroster looks like this
Palmer(streaming Qb)
Ty Mont
Ant brown
Diggs (flex)
Jimmy graham

Chris Johnson
John Brown
Jordan marhews( waiver claim in for marq lee).

This 0-3 team looks like it should be a championship team right?


You should be 3-0 right now. Way to stay in there, the season is still early!!!


TE is killing you but looking at your roster it looks like you probably just had a couple bad breaks…having Diggs in wk 2 w/Jordy going down probably cost you a W, Ajayi had a bye wk1. Looks like you’ll be just fine, especially if there’s a couple boneheads that should be easy wins there. The 3rd worst team in my league is 3-0 and wk 1 & 3 played the lowest scoring teams otherwise he’d be 1-2 like he should be. Hang in there, plenty of season left.


I drafted Eifert. Was lucky enough to pick up graham before last week when same guy that dropped Martavis rage dropped graham.

Also, last week I benched Diggs for Crowell in my flex because I was afraid of Case Keenum. Whooooops


Yikes. Better days are ahead. I’m the inverse and lucky to be 3-0 in my league, and I’m scared shitless of how my team will perform week to week as well. Good luck!


In a 12 team league you’re stacked! Bout to be 11-3 on your way to a #FootClanTitle!


I would sell ajayi high after this weeks London game. guys gonna go for 16 straight games??? idk about that one. Not because hes bad but because of his knee condition