0-3 Start. Should I Ride It Out or Make Trades?

I’ve started 0-3 this year. A couple very close matchups, but a few L’s nonetheless. I think my team
is pretty solid, especially in the RB core. Curious what players you guys think I should be looking to ship (if any). Feedback appreciated.

I also have: Brett Maher (K) and Los Angeles Chargers (Def)

With Hardman, you have the benefit of having Tyreek who will pretty much make Mecole obsolete. I’d try and move him while he still has a name and points. Look around and see who’s in need of WR help

I’ve been considering moving Hardman/L. Jackson/Golladay for a top tier WR. Then I could have Lockett, Tyreek, and a 3rd option to rotate. Giving away too much?

You don’t need to clean house to get a W, especially Golladay. Look around your league, see if anybody is streaming QBs or are hurting at the position and float Lamar at them. Start high of course, but if they’re on the fence about the deal you could throw in Hardman to sweeten the deal

Good thought. There’s a few streaming QB’s. I’ll see what I can get

I just traded Lamar Jackson and Calvin Ridley for DeAndre Hopkins,no reason why you should have 2 QBs on your roster when you can stream.