0-3 “Super team” tilt

Just like Jason I thought I had a very solid roster after the draft and I’m sitting at 0-3. Any roster advice to help improve or just have to hangout waiting for players to start performing. Format is Full PPR

QB- Wentz
RBs-Elliot, Cook, Howard, R.Freeman, Michel, Penny and Murray ( only since Cook was out last week)
WRs- Landry, Cooks, Agholor, K.Cole, M.Williams, D.Moore
TEs-ASJ and Olsen on IR
K and Def are streaming.

The roster looks decent, but neither of your healthy stud RBs are PPR backs, and your WRs aren’t fantastic outside of Landry. Personally, I think I’d look to package Elliot and Howard for M. Gordon or Saquon and a solid WR or stud TE.

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It’s a decent roster but not stellar. But it’s hard to say what you can do. In theory Landry, Cooks, and Williams is a stable enough WR core to do damage along with Elliot, Cook, and Howard. I mean maybe you can flip Cook for a lower end RB + WR? But it depends on your league and who else is out there. I mean i flipped Lynch and Hogan for OBJ so post week 3 almost any trade is possible.

Do you think Elliot and Howard would be good for Saquon and Gronk? I know the Pats offense is struggling right now but should improve with Edelman and Gordon getting in the mix

Offered Elliot, Howard, Agholor and Asj for Saquan, Gronk and Jones jr

If you can pull that trade off, I think it’s great. Improves your team in all positions for sure. Good luck!