0-3, tilt week, you still have confidence in this team?

my team has been good, but cant get a W. thoughts on the team? guys to drop going in to waivers?

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Its not a horrible team at all. Id slide D. Robinson in my lineup though. Hes been doing good with Hill out. If you wanted to make a move, you can probably package a couple for a 2-1 trade and get you a good RB1. I would trade high on Devante and maybe Singletert or Michel. Bundle Devante with one of them and go get you a nice RB1.
Just my first look. Good luck Buddy

I would flex either Curis Samuel or Miles Sanders instead of CHristian Thompson. Then I would try to see what I can get for James Conner and play Singletry when hes healthy or roll with SOny on the right match up (which is really tough to rpedict).

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who you playing robinson over? concerned about his value moving forward when Hill comes back, main concern with trading away a WR. but im gonna either have to weather the storm or bite the bullet and take a risk.

what value do you see getting returned for Adams and Michel package?

I’d pivot off Conner. I’d try and do a 2 for 1 for a better WR maybe Theilen? The packers are starting to figure it out on offense might be a week or two away from the big game from both Adams and Jones. Singletary was looking like the real deal till that hamstring. Sanders is getting a bunch of increased touches each week. Really it looks like your just a WR2 away from winning. Rob Woods with his 10pt games are crushing you.

hate myself for scooping Michel, got him in another league too. such a struggle right now with most of my RBs.

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Go see what the Bell owner has with the jets on a bye this week. Maybe try and buy low on him.

just poking around, thoughts on these trades to help the team?

Larry Fitz for Michel and Samuel

Mack for Michel and Samuel OR Robinson

I like your team. I have many of the same players. I’m 1-2 and my two losses are Week 1 vs Mahomes / Watkins stack and this week vs Mike Evans…not much you can do when you run up against that. Just how it is sometimes. Also, I started 1-4 last year and went on to win the championship, so keep going for it!

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have had some tough matchups but man its hard, certainly not giving up.

Week 3 - Kupp and Russell
Week 2 - cook and ridley
Week 1 - pretty much everyone showed up for him

im hiting up a guy who auto drafted and hasnt even logged in… and im at 0-3. so im going to try and target some players. dude has AB, Ben Roth, Gordon…

his WR’s are Hopkins, Lockett, Tyler Boyd. i want to do a 2 for 1.

Rank these offers.

Woods / Demarcus Robinson for Lockett
Woods / Tyrell Williams forLockett
Alshon / Williams for Hopkins

my WR

Adams, Woods, Tyrell Williams, Demarcus Robinson, Alshon, Curtis Samuel

I like your team a lot. I would not do anything drastic. Unless this is like an 8-10 team league, the wins will eventually come.

10 man league, most of the teams are pretty strong. Week 4 match is going against the guy smoking fools. Trying to stay out of the panic room.

Have Robinson in the flex, thoughts on lineup?

What are you doing with Michel? I’m in the same boat and thinking of either snagging Burkhead for insurance or making a package trade.

im trying to package him away, but no one really does trades in this league, so its gonna be tough for me. i was gonna do a WR + Michel for a WR2/RB1 if i could.