0-3 turnaround trades!

Current roster:
QB: Goff, Jones
RB: Chubb, Michel, Malcolm Brown, Gallman, Hyde
WR: Julio, Woods, Marvin, Djax, Dorsett, Metcalf
TE: Olsen
D: Chargers

Any suggestions on what to target in a massive trade? Feel like I’m willing to ship anyone off at this point… I’ve been offered some trades but mostly garbage. Can’t bite unless i feel like i’ll hit some value

I’m going against one of the better squads in our league this week so on the verge of 0-4 :frowning:

Issue is you don’t have much depth anywhere. The only guys you can trade that are going to get much return are Chubb, Julio, and Woods (even though his price is probably low with the slow start). You could try to flip Julio for 2 or 3 players that will start for you since he is an elite WR. You could do the same for Chubb but you won’t get the same return.