0-3, welcome to Tilt Town, WR upgrade needed

Alright, I don’t hate my team, and I only lost this week by 0.92 points thanks to that Evans TD, but I am definitely missing a true reliable WR1.

Here’s my current lineup:


A. Cooper
M. Jones
C. Kupp
Q. Enunwa
T. Boyd

S. Barkley
J. Howard
T. Coleman
M. Breida
D. Lewis
L. Murray

T. Burton


I have been trying to put together a trade using Coleman and Kupp as I don’t think I can afford to give up Howard, but I’m happy to listen to other suggestions. The guy with Landry is 1-2 and has RB problems due to Bell, he definitely has the guaranteed volume I’m looking for and maybe the upside now that Mayfield is in.