0-3 What can I do to improve my team **Roster Pics Included**

Im 0-3 and not feeling good about my matchup this week… In the case I go 0-4 what can I do to improve this roster? I feel like I should be better than 0-3 but here I am…

12 team Half point PPR… Waiver wire is insanely thin…

Any help is awesome thanx

Your team looks good, just hold tight with what u got…The wins will start coming…

I would drop Luck and get depth at another position because the upcoming schedule for Dalton is favorable…

If Hogan again does nothing this week I would drop him for someone who is performing better…

But all the rest of you team looks great…

Oh yeah, and pray Le’Veon Bell gets traded to the Packers :smiley:

Does this league not play Kicker or Defense?

Yeah we play kicker… I have Bailey as my kicker and I stream Defence… This week im going with IND

Like I said I feel really good about my team…Ive lost Mckinnon and Jimmy G this season already… Im just not getting wins

I’d go ahead and drop Hogan and pick up someone worth stashing. I’d also watch the injury report to make sure Fournette plays. I think your team is good and you may just want to sit tight. Even if you lose tomorrow.

I know this sounds like a lot. Trust me I know… but for the first time I’ve made tons of moves every week and constantly move players on my roster. I’d get rid of these players to add more depth.
Luck, Sony, Bell, Hogan and Jones… all for more depth of course. The waivers can be really useful depending who’s available.
If you need reasons why I’d drop certain players feel free to ask.


Dude what I have on my bench is what the depth is lol… When I say waivers are thin I mean waivers are thin bruh lol there aint nothing there

Well now I can’t tell if you’re “not feeling good” or “feel really good” about your team, haha, but I assume you meant “don’t” again, so I’ll echo what @ChargersFan said. Your team is legit and I wouldn’t really do anything to it honestly. After this week, it might be worth going out and trading up at WR using your depth. Kupp’s value is at an all time high, Sony and Hogan could have big days, Ingram back next week, all your WR’s have good matchups…you’re set up really well. You’ve been suffering from a lack of touchdowns I think, which ought to change this week.

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I didnt feel good about my match up this week… I feel good about my team

Whichever elite WR doesn’t have a big week this week, I think you go out and get him with a Kupp package. Someone like Hopkins.

Package trade Brody. With a losing record team. Look at something you got that you aren’t using or someone who isint producing that has a big name. A good package trade can always help.

No TE’s in this league?

This team is sick. I wouldn’t be looking to change much or be too worried about anything. If Bell gets traded your team is gonna be insane.

No TE but we have 1 flex spot that you can put TE in

Standard or PPR?

Oops you said .5 already sorry

Yeah I think you just need 1 more bonafide WR1 star, one that gets endzone targets. Or maybe use Fournette (hopefully after he has a big game) and Kupp to get a guy like Kamara. But you’ll def make the playoffs with what you have now unless everyone on your team just drops dead.

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Man I hope so dude… Im defending Champ too so being 0-3 to start the season is hard to swallow…

Haha I feel you man. I’m 0-3 too and was runner up last season after my team just crumbled in the championship. But anyway, that’s just more reason to trust your instincts that have resulted in this squad.