0-3 What happened!

Dear footclan,

How the #$@&%*! is this team 0-3???

I cannot afford to come in last place in my keeper league…again. I am BEGGING for your sage advice. This is my team. Thought it was pretty solid post-draft (Also had AB, but…well you know.) I know I need RB help and possibly better WRs. I probably have irrational attachment to some of these duds, so rational advice would be tremendous help.

Who would you package with one my TE’s? And what type of player would you be targeting?

I was thinking someone like Tyreek Hill or TY Hilton. Should I shoot higher?

10 team PPR

Edit: I do plan to pick up Christian Kirk off waivers…but that ain’t gonna make a huge difference.


Dude that’s rough. Honestly it’s just bad luck I wouldn’t do anything to drastic just yet 3 weeks you could be 3-3 that is a solid line up just need a little luck

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If you want sell high with Evans and gore or Evans Monty for a top rb if you can that’s the trade I would do

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To a guy that is hurting at wr

Montgomery is one of those guys I have an irrational appreciation for, but I’ll see what I can package him for. Thanks!

Dont make panick moves. You could be 3-3 in three weeks.