0-3 who should i start? help plz

10 team super flex ppr redraft

QB: Brady Bridgewater Tua
RB: Joe Mixon, CEH, Chuba, Eli Mitchell, Javonte Williams
WR: Terry, Lamb, Arob, Diontae, Higgins, Aiyuk
TE: Gronk and Pitts

QB: Brady
RB: Mixon & CEH
WR: Lamb Terry
TE: Gronk
Flex: Chuba
SFlex: Bridgewater

Is this the winning combination or should I try something else? Ideas?

It looks like Diontae is back so I’d want to make sure I play him in full PPR. I would consider flexing him over Chuba, or even playing Chuba over CEH. Those two are a close call this week! But definitely get Diontae in there since it looks like he’s off the injury report.

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I was thinking about putting Chuba over CEH. The o/u in the Chiefs game is juicy and they will be winning so I was thinking to keep rolling CEH. But Chuba does seem like he will get mad volume and I need to win so gotta put my chips in. I really do want to put Diontae as well, should I keep Bridgewater in the superflex ?


I agree CEH has been disappointing snd I think chuba should get a lot of opportunity

Always play a QB in the SF position if you can, yea!