0-3close to tilt give up d.freeman for demariyus and aaron jones

.5ppr WR thelein, Fitzgerald, djax, callaway, and hogan. Rbs gurley, ap, ingram, and kerryon. Guy actually has Boyd who was my orignal target. I think i have the depth, am i giving up too much?

not a fan of D.Thomas and Aaron Jones… Jones is most talented but he’s going to split carries and work with Ty and Williams. D.Thomas is on the last year of his contract… yeah typically guys ball out on contract year but DT has lost a step and I am waiting for Courtland Sutton to emerge.

You think i should pull for a boyd or a kupp instead?

you need an upgrade at the WR spot. you can def flip a running back for a WR… i would target a high volume guy like golden tate or keenan allen… you have some great backs to trade. but but… i am high on callaway, i love his useage… i dont see why you cant play 3 running backs and 2 wr’s… you might not want to tilt and just play with what you got.

I like Jones a lot as he is by far the best back there. Williams didn’t do anything to earn the job and isn’t explosive at all. Jones is an explosive playmaker. With that said it’s close. Freeman has a history of concussions and injury, though they are never big ones. I would trade high on Jackson personally. Maybe offer Jackson and Hogan for Boyd.

Jones is def by far the best back… i just hate his usage… If the pack are playing from behind they are going to use Ty as pass catching and Williams is a superior blocking back… i just feel that Jones can get scripted out of the game… now if they have the lead i expect him to take over a game… my opinion.

The good thing with them is their offense and defense is good enough that they won’t be behind by a ton in most games. If Jones does have improved pass blocking then he is by far the guy to own, but only time will tell that.

I can’t flex an rb so im stuck with just playing two. With freeman potentially out another week, I’m leaning closer to selling him. You dont think thomas has enough volume or is it just because hes slowing down

DT is not going to save your season is what im getting at… so far he has 16 for 144 and a TD. Battling Sanders and sutton for targets and they lean on the run with 2 different backs… hey if you want to jump in your time machine and go back to 2014 be my guess but each year after that his numbers have steadily declined.

Ugh the more I’m thinking about this the more i feel like im tilting but youre right dt womt save me im going to see if i can get more upside