0-4 advice

The dreaded 0-4. Is it a better idea to try to sell one of my top guys for depth or go for a win now?
My roster is:

QB: Dalton (streaming)
RB: Aaron Jones, Sony, Jordan Howard, Tevin, Royce,
WR: Odell, Alshon, MVS, Marvin Jones, Curtis Samuel, Michael Gallup
TE: Kelce, Ebron
K: Mason Crosby
Def: Steelers (streaming)

My league doesn’t like to let go of their top guys, but I can probably sell either Kelce or Odell for several above average depth players. I don’t wanna tilt too hard, but I feel like I should make a move and not just accept a potential loss without having done anything to improve. Any help would be appreciated.

That’s certainly a tough roster and one where your guys just haven’t been performing. If it’s true that the other owners aren’t willing to give up their top guys, then it’s very unlikely you will recoup value for Kelce. If you can get a back-end RB1 and a solid WR for OBJ, I say do it. You may not have time to wait for Sony to have a good game so you can trade him.