0-4 Do I give up?

Superflex 10 team PPR - redraft

QBs: Brady, Bridgewater, Tua
RB: Mixon, CEH, Javonte, Chuba, Eli Mitchell
WR: Terry, Lamb, Diontae, Arob, Aiyuk, Higgins
TE: Pitts and Gronk

I truly feel screwed and have lost hope. I really loved my team after the draft and now I have no idea what I should even do.

I made the finals after starting 1-7. Run the table and show what your made of no league wants people who just bail from a bad start.

Also that team isnt bad just alot of depth and no crazy weekly studs. you might have to give up depth to get real solid 1s anywhere but at this point what do you have to lose? make some offers pair some guys up. Regardless dont give up just go win make bold calls if thats what your feeling

0-4 is nothing and you have an extra week this year to come back.

Get to grinding!

Team don’t look bad. Has it just been bad luck? We all go against a Josh Allen 40 pt performance , etc every now and again and there is nothing we can do.