0-4 do this trade?

Superflex 10 team PPR - Redraft

QB: Brady, Tua, Bridgewater
RB: CEH, Mixon, Javonte Williams, Eli Mitchell, Chuba
WR: Terry, Lamb, Diontae, Arob, Higgins, Aiyuk
TE: Pitts & Gronk

Should I trade my Diontae for Darrell Henderson?

I think this trade would help you, but what you really need right now is a second startable QB. Probably nothing on waivers, but worth a peek in a 10 team, smaller roster league. Something Heinicke level would help you.

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Why in the world are you rostering 3QBs in a 10-team redraft. At most, you should only carry 2 and only around the bye week for your starter. You could afford to make the trade but I think in a PPR league, Diontae is very valuable.

Super flex bro

What do you mean?

Yep, missed that part, just read redraft.

Should I trade Higgins for Trey Lance?

Or AROB for Tannehill?

I’d rather have the upside of Lance going forward. Can you get Lance for ARob?

I can get Lance for Tee Higgins. Im just concerned because Lance bye is next week and what if they just give the job back to Jimmy. Tannehill aint losin his spot… but you are completely right on the upside. Also 0-4 so I dont have much time to keep riding upside and just solidifying my superfex spot

I would shoot for the stars (Lance) and hope ARob regresses to the mean. Cardinals will be able to put up points, so we’ll see if Lance can keep pace.

I would trade Dionte for Henderson. Then I would trade CEH and Mixon for one solid RB, maybe get them to toss you a lower lvl QB too.

Love Mixon but hate CEH.