0-4 help! Trade James Conner for Aaron Jones? Full ppr

Been offered this trade in full PPR league.
I’m 0-4 and need to boost up.

Other RBs are: David Johnson, Jordan Howard, Matt Brieda and Kerryon Johnson.

To me it depends on what happens this week. The deal makes sense in that it provides you with a better long term future, but you need to focus on winning now. Does this help you achieve that? If Jones has another dominate week, yes. He’ll probably take over the backfield. But if they come out this week and it’s a timeshare you probably haven’t gained anything in the now

Whoever is getting Aaron Jones here wins by a mile. Take it and run. It doesn’t depend on anything.

Aaron Jones is a better RB than Conner, not even close. Jones will win out that job. Aaron jones with 60% workload > conner with 90% work load. Jones is just a way better running back. Not to mention Conner is only going to be there for 3 more weeks. Once bell returns, he’s going right back to the bench.