0-4 start, time to blow it up?

0-4 to start the year, first four picks were Leonard, Keenan, Larry and Collins which explains struggles. Here is my team:
QB: Wilson
RB: Leonard, Collins, White, Crowell, Yeldon
WR: Keenan, John Brown, Fitz, Jones JR, Enunwa
TE: Kittle

12 team half point ppr, do I attempt to make a big trade or try to sell high on White and Brown?

0-4 here as well.

second highest score this week and still lost against the Goff\Gurley stack
I suggest playing more than 1 league

0-4 in one

and 3-1 in another

im in four leagues, others are doing a bit better for sure. Thinking about dealing Leonard and keeping yeldon hoping that hamstring is as tricky as it has been for me to deal with!

Blow it up - Package Brown with an RB and get yourself and every week starter at RB.

Id be putting Fournette in a package with Brown hell throw yeldon in there too and see what you can get from that. Or even Better put Keenan and Fournette together and shop those two. Hold James White shop everyone else unless White gets you some great offers.

I would definitely see what I could get for Brown and (painfully) White as sell high guys. I’d also see if someone is willing to overpay for Wilson or Marvin Jones.

As a fellow Wilson owner he is killing me. No rushing yards right now and the offense as a whole is awful. Find the Mahomes owner and see if he has a solid QB on the bench and trade for him. I just traded Wilson and Lockett and Buck Allen for Watson and Woods and am pumped. At least Watson rushes and has elite WR with a coach that won’t force the ball rushing is it isn’t working.

I was just offered Kirk and Howard for Fournette and Yeldon. Thoughts? I still want to ship Collins, If i tossed him in and asked for Ekeler or Josh Gordon would that be too little?

Not sure I like it. You are basically getting 1 player in Fournette and Yeldon. Yeldon won’t be playable when Fournette is healthy. I like Ekeler, but idk if he is worth Collins. That situation is very weird. If you are off to a good start overall you could take a shot on Gordon as he has a high ceiling I think. Ekeler doesn’t have a high ceiling unless Gordon gets hurt.

I’d roll White + whoever you can sell Fournette + Yeldon for. Maybe Mixon? You’re going to have to package deal those 2 so whoever gets fournette knows they’re getting an RB, at least if i was buying Fournette i’d want the 2.

Sent a few trades out for Mixon, I like that idea. I received another offer earlier today: Kerryon and Ajayi for Leonard, he didnt mention Yeldon that could change. What are the thoughts on that? He also has Matt Ryan I could say I just need a little more and go Wilson for Ryan with that

Just got another trade offer, I would give Leonard and whoever I would drop I am thinking Crowell, for Corey Davis and Aaron Jones. I think I would get to keep Yeldon which is a big difference, thoughts on this?

horrible trade! You’d be giving up fournette who’s IR eligible for Davis and Jones. I mean if its your only offer you might have to because you can’t sit on fournette but man that’s a weak offer.

we don’t have an IR unfortunately, just depends how long he is out. I suppose the only negative to this is just the bench space since I have Yeldon. better off if I asked for Kareem Hunt from him and gave Yeldon and Leonard?

Your team is good dude.

thats what i thought when I drafted haha im 0-4 right now, so you would just sit on everything and grind it out?

i would use waivers and only do trades that i clearly have odds to upgrade from. trades taht make sense for both parties, not just a wash sale. you have some highly valuable players. also selling fournette now is a waste. he won’t get you what he’s worth. and anyway, Yeldon is a more than capable fill in. He’s actually really good as the starter.

yeah for sure. thanks! think it would be valuable at all to ship just Fournette and then keep Yeldon if that hamstring would persist for 4-5 weeks? I suppose even then if I were to happen to come back and make the playoffs i would need to have Leonard for those weeks. I’ll sit on everyone and wait for the comeback