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0-5 keeper question


0-5 in 3 player keeper league. What are my options? Since playoffs seem out of question now I’d consider trading for some keeper worthy players. Thinking Julio is keep for sure. Leaning Diggs and Howard as other keepers if roster remains same. What advice do you guys have going forward?


@capesius15 keepers have certain rounds assosiated with them? Or just kept round 1-3.?


No rounds assigned. Just 1-3 so draft “starts” at Round 4


Your team isn’t that bad… You need a better QB but Its a bummer your 0-5.

If your honestly going for tank mode here is what I would do.

Keep Howard… Or try to trade him straight up for gurley since gurley just had a bad week

Try and flip julio and Murray for AB or AJ green…

Then either decide between crabtree and diggs to keep or package 1 of them with a plus…or might take both and target a ertz, kelce or gronk…

That way next you you have a

WR 1

That’s what id do if your in full tank mode…

If not. I’d just try and trade for a better QB and TE To try and turn season around.


I’ve had bad luck with other teams teeing off. Should be 1-4, sat Murray, Howard, Diggs all during their big weeks (week 3) due to injury concerns for all. I play a 5-0 team this week, so not quite ready to toss season. Crazy things have happened and I know I have talented enough guys to run off a winning streak. This week will be my breaking week. No chance coming back after 0-6.

Really appreciate your advice, upgrading QB & TE are immediate options I will pursue.