0-5 now 5-5 - Need to make a TRADE

10 Team PPR Redraft Superflex
QB: Brady Tannehill Bridgewater Lance
RB: Mixon, Mitchell, CEH, Javonte, Devonta Booker
WR: Lamb, McLaurin, Diontae, Higgins, Toney, Bateman
TE: Pitts

Trying to offer something like Mitchel and Terry for Saquon or something like that - Saquon owners probably wont do that. The Miles Sanders owner is considering trading him for Mitchell straight up which is me thinking Eagles are run happy now with soft schedule. Any ideas to move like Terry or DJ plus Eli to get a top tier RB? Thanks.

I personally would not trade Mitchell for Sanders.

Mitchell just was given 27 carries on Monday. He is the RB1 in SF.

Do you trust that Sanders will come in and not be in a time share with Howard/Scott/Gainwell?

Just worried about JWJ and Mitchells finger now, also game scripted whether he’ll catch passes. Eagles are a different team / running it heavy, the ceiling could be very high. No risk it no biscuit. I do love Mitchell and he runs hard and 27 touches is not something to take for granted.

Any ideas though on trying to trade away like a McLaurin or DJ + Mitchell to upgrade at RB?