0.5 ppr keeper advice

I have to choose 3 keepers between: lamar jackson, Michael Thomas, Zeke, Josh Jacobs, and Miles Sanders. There are no penalties. I figure Zeke and Thomas are locks, but not sure on the last.


Really tough one. Give me Thomas and Zeke for sure. Last one for me would be Jacobs, followed by Sanders closely. Lamar is more replacable, we are talking about 2 RBs that can be 1-2 round picks in this and next year. Lamar is a 3rd rounder and I dont know if he can stay there next year

I agree! Adding Jacobs will give you a better value. The only way I consider Jackson is if your league is 6 points for passing touchdowns but I would still take Jacobs

There is also an arguement to just keep all 3 RB’s and then load up on WR’s early, then just 1 or 2 more RB’s with some upside late in the draft. Those 3RB’s would be a pretty dominate RB force and set you up nicely there.