0.5 PPR Trade away Kupp for Kamara?

I can’t believe I’m asking this.

2 RB, 3 WR, 1TE, 2Flex
RBs: Tyson Williams, Javonte Williams, James Conner, Murray, Sermon
WRs: Adams, Jefferson, McClaurin, Kupp, Davis, Patrick
TE: Kelce

If the Kamara manager will take it yes. You need RBs in a bad way

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Are you sure you want Kamara?

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@AxeElf Haha yea I would like an RB, and Kamara is an easy buy low

I would not consider kupp as buying low I feel thats more of a lateral move just exchanging WR for RB and I think you’ll get the short end of the stick by the end of the season.

I would say yes. It’s hard to imagine Sean Peyton not getting Kamara more high-quality opportunities, he’s clearly their best offensive weapon. I trust the Saints to manufacture better opportunities for their best player. I think Kupp is currently thriving but wouldn’t be surprised if teams key in on him and Woods begins to thrive.

Your RBs are incredibly weaker in comparison and your WRs are stacked. You have little to lose to me in terms of a drop-off in production from your WR position vs a massive upgrade at RB even if he somehow becomes a boom/bust player.

Regardless, you have to make a move for a better RB at this point.

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