0.5ppr Dynasty: L Bell for A Jones and the 01.03

Aaron Jones and the 01.03 of the upcoming rookie for Lev Bell. Who got the short end?

I hate the Jets coaching staff, and think A jones is trending up, but I still have a bit of traders remorse giving up L Bell.

I think I’d rather have Bell but it’s not a bad trade.

Give me 1.03 and Aaron Jones on this one. I think it’s actually a pretty lopsided trade. You’re getting a top 3 WR (pray Harry falls to you) or if you need an RB, can take the RB1 of your choosing.

Bell sat out an entire year and is joining a team with a rookie QB, no true weapons to speak of on the outside to help lighten the box. In a full ppr mode, it’s closer but in half ppr formats, you came out on top. Great trade man.

You’re also talking to the #1 aaron jones fan on these forums. He’s a stud. Just gotta hope he can stay healthy, but same risk applies to Bell. Probably even more so.

I personally would rather take Bell in this trade. While Aaron Jones stock is rising, this draft class is extremely limited for talented offensive play makers (don’t buy the D.K. Metcalf hype!) This is a very defense heavy draft.

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Disagree with you there. This is one of the most talented WR classes we’ve seen. Even if you don’t buy the Metcalf hype (I don’t either), Harry and Butler easily round out the top 3 with plenty more behind. And he’s getting the 1.03 pick so its guaranteed he will get one of the 3. You pray that Harry falls that far. It’s definitely light on RBs and extremely talented on the defensive side of the ball but I wouldn’t just write off the WRs. And in Dynasty, WRs is what you build around.

And if this team is building mode, this trade is even better than the 2-3 year lifespan left on Bell. Full disclosure, I am saying all of this with Bell being one of my favorite players of all time.