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0.5ppr Lesean McCoy trade. Should I?


Footclan!! need some serious advice here. I have Bell as a keeper for my 1st rd pick. 0.5ppr. I was just offered Lesean McCoy and a 5th rd for my 2,3, & 5th. Should I make this trade?


No way I would do it.


you think its too much to give up for McCoy and a 5th?


Well you are trading 5th round spots, so kind of a wash there. You are looking at trading 2 players with 2nd and 3rd round value for the slippery fish. That is a high price to pay, and there is good value at both RB and WR in the first 3 rounds.

I’d say no deal unless you get to keep your 3rd. Offer your 2nd and 5th for the Shady Lady.


Are you nuts? No way!


Ha, I was thinking it was too much…but I was just excited to have those 2 RB’s…I don’t think I can do it though


Way too much. You can get another solid RB and WR in the 2nd and 3rd round.


What about McCoy for 2nd and 4th rd? You think thats fair?


That is still 2 high value players for 1. They would have to sweeten the deal for me.


I guess I’m looking at it like, I’ve already got Bell in the 1st, then I’d be getting McCoy for my 2nd pick, and giving up a guy like Watkins or Alshon for him


That perspective does make it sound better, but I see it a little differently. You are adding the difference in value between McCoy/2nd round pick, and completely losing the value you would have gotten from your 3rd round. That puts you a roster spot behind every other team in overall value.

It may end up being worth it, but while other teams will kinda hope one of their later rounders gives more value than their ADP. You will require it.


I would still have my 3rd round. I’m giving up 2nd and 4th rd. Does that change anything?


Nope. Would you rather have a bell, shady, Landry, and Tate? Or bell, Howard/freeman/Ajayi, and have your 1st WR be a jordy/dez/ty level?


That’s a little more enticing, but being a 1 keeper I’d rather have a 2nd and 4th. You can get an elite WR and pair with a 3 teir RB.


That does make a lot of sense. I just really wanted those 2 elite RB’s…ha


Oh yea, sorry about that. I am not sure you will be able to get Jordy Dez TY and Howard Freeman Ajayi.

More like Bell, Shady, Allen/Robinson/ Adams/Hill/Crabtree
Bell, Howard/Gurley - Thomas/TY/Dez/Nelson, Thomas/Hop/Pryor/Watkins, Allen/Robinson/ Adams/Hill/Crabtree


Yeah, and I’m thinking RB’s might go early in our draft this year. DJ, Antonio, Ajayi, Zeke are all off the board