0-7 Stacked Team, My Melvin Gordon for their Antonio Brown

Been offered a trade my Melvin Gordon for his Antonio Brown. Normally, I would take it in a heartbeat but as an 0-7 team I feel like it puts my RB core in jeopardy. Hear me out. I Have Kareem Hunt, Ezekiel Elliott, Gordon, and Carlos Hyde. My WRs are Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, Moncrief, And Will Fuller. With the whole Zeke suspension still a possibility, I feel like it would ruin my last weeks and possibly cause me to lose the losers bracket and be given a punishment. As for 0-7, I lead the league in Points Against Me thats 100pts more than the next team. Everyone seems to get their high score against me.Half Point PPR, 10 team League. HELP ME!!

That is absolutely insane that you are 0-7 with a team like that. I have a team in my league that is 7-0 with a team that is less stacked. Sorry for the way the ball bounced. But as for your concerns, you still have good depth with DMac to fill in if something does happen. Even without that, the Steelers are just now coming around and receivers have such a higher ceiling than RBs. Right now you have such good depth that you have Hyde on your bench. This would allow you to have 2 RBs and your flex be Allen in the worst case you mentioned above. Pull the trigger, Go Steelers!


I agree with everything he just said. The 7-0 team in my main league is less stacked than you. That is a seriously bad seven beats.

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Wtf??? How in the world are you 0-7?? That is completely perplexing to me. This is one of the most stacked teams I’ve seen. I would do the trade if I were you. Brown is in a tier of his own at WR. You’re RBs will be completely fine.

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