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0 RB draft idea?

This year i find it harder to go 0 RB than previous years. Anybody liking the 0RB strategy? I tried one where i started Hopkins, Brown, Hilton, KUPP and still manage to Grab Lindsay, White, Peterson, Ito Smith, Lamar miller…

IS this a way to win this year? (the league i mocked for you can start 2WR and 2FLEX)

I normally don’t go for it, but one fell in my lap in a mock the other day. Watson, C Carson, Cohen, Hopkins, Brown, Njoku and Edelman as starters. B Cooks, T Coleman, j Howard, P Barber, R Freeman, Winston and A Miller on the bench. turned out pretty damn solid, but again had 0 intention of going 0 RB from the start.

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i think its easier this year to do it than it has been in the last 3 years. the RB market kind of crashed a bit, but now its picking back up with young guys like CMC, chubb, kamara, kerryon, barkley ECT all coming out and bringing more talent to the pool. but, im still probably never doing a true RB0 strat. i always want at leat one guy in the top 3 rounds, then ill go WR heavy.

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If i’m at the back end of any draft this year, I’m doing the Zero RB strat. I think the tier 2 RBs have too much risk, so unless i’m getting one of the top 5 RBs, I’ll go zero RB. Try to take one of the top 3 TEs too. @MikeMeUpp wrote a good article on this on dynastynerds.com. Basically draft Kelce in the 2nd round. I did a mock yesterday and went OBJ/Kelce/Green/Diggs then went Henry/Drake/Carson/Miller/Murray the next 5 rounds. I’m a firm believer in waiting on QB until round 10 at the earliest.

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