08/05 Mock Draft Results

What do you guys think of this mock draft. My strategy in most mocks has been to take RBs early, but after this one, I think maybe filling your starting roster with high end receivers may be the ticket. What do you guys think?

I think the big name RB’s blinded you a bit, cuz lev bell is your best back and he finished last year 16th in ppr and 21st in standard. The Ravens just drafted Dobbins and have Edwards and Hill all competing with Ingram, much more likely to go RBBC this year, and then Jones and Coleman are in committees as well. Think that slew of RB’s will hurt you rather than help you most weeks.

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I agree with your point on Ingram and Coleman, I think Jones has a solid shot of being an RB2 this year. Cam Akers is definitely a crap shoot that could become a committee but shooting for upside there. I think Tevin Coleman has standalone value and if anything happened to Mostert while still might be a committee would have some better value.

After thinking about it for a bit, I may have certainly gone in a different direction with the Ingram pick.

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