082020 Trade help

I need some advice. I am pretty weak at wide receiver in my newly joined Dynasty league. I picked up an orphan team, and this trade was proposed:
I receive a Amari Cooper, Raheem Mostert, and Aaron Jones.
I trade away DJ Chark, Deebo Samuel, and NickChubb.
Below is the rest of my team. Thoughts? Chark and Chubb would be a huge loss, but coopers upside and Aaron Jones make it easier to consider.

Personally, I’d rather have any 3 of the guys you’re trading away than any 3 of the guys you’re getting for a dynasty league. Hell I’d rather have Chark than Cooper in a redraft league. I wouldn’t take that.

I agree with the above response. I’m not a big fan of the trade.

I will 3rd that and agree with the previous 2 comments!

Yeah, that’s also gonna’ be a no from me Dawg.