1.01 Debate

Ok so my draft is this sunday and i been debating this in my head for awhile so let me get some outside takes.

Bell- This seems to be what most people are going 1.01 but this worries me, do we really think its likely he plays all 16 games? I mean he has only done that once(twice if u count last year) has been getting the most carries for years, and i wouldnt be surprized if Pitt runs the wheels off him with the contract drama I have a feeling its highly likely he doesnt play 16 this year

Gurley-This is the other top pick for most people which concerns me, the previous Rb1 hasnt repeated as Rb1 in the last 10 years do we really think gurley is the one to do it? He is obviously going to regress in TDs but its also completely likely the rams as a whole regress last season was a real anomaly this is why im concerned here

D.J.- I dont understand how the RB1 in 2016 isnt going higher then Gurley given we basically know Gurley isnt going to finish as RB1, Coming off a freak Wrist Injury to me doesnt hurt him at all its not like its lower body the knock is his offense sure but he is still the #2 passing option when Bell is prob 3(with JuJus rise) and gurley going to regress it seems likely DJ finishes higher then both

Zeke-The more i debate this the more im thinking zeke at 1.01, looks Like Cowboys dodged a bullet with the OL injurys so thats good (w/o the O-Line this might not even be considered). I think we can Assume Zeke is going to be playing with a Chip on his shoulder coming back from the suspension he was rock solid when avail last year finished 2016 2nd. Here is where i think he gains more value though everyone just thinks zeke isnt a PPR back b/c of reception totals its not like he cant catch though 2016 32/40,2017 26/38 so he went up in targets on a per game basis. It seems like a perfect breakout situation with Dez and Witten Targets Gone someone has to get those I think Hurns/Gallup will eat some of those but i also think zeke will be eating some of them aswell.

So when thinking of those points who would you go with? is there anything im overlooking that could push someone over?

I just had the 1.01 in a 12 team PPR and had many of the same questions.

Your take on Bell is spot on so I’m not going to elaborate much on him. I don’t see him playing all 16 and at the 1.01 I see far more risk with him than any of the others.

For Gurley he will see regression, yes, but I’m not as convinced it will be as drastic of a down year as some think. By adding Cooks and giving Goff and company another year together I don’t think teams will be willing to stack the box as much against the Rams as you will see with Zeke and DJ, with those two being the far and away best offensive player on their respective teams.

DJ is my wild card here, I had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around why he couldnt be the number 1 over all RB this year. For me it came down to injuries at the Oline and as I stated before, teams cuing in on him more than any other offensive players, ex. Gurley 2 years ago.

Zeke came up for me just as much as DJ, but with the recent news about Travis Fredrick and lack of production from Dak so far, I think he will have similar problems that DJ will with teams stacking the box. The revenge year narrative is gonna happen, I just don’t think he’s in as good of a position offense wise as he has been the last 2 years.

In the end I went with Gurley and I’m not losing any sleep over it. Hope this helps and good luck drafting!