1.01 in Dynasty startup

I have the 1.01 and I am unsure on what route to go. Rookies and vets are both in this startup, draft is July 22nd. full PPR, 3 WR and 2 Flex. Was thinking Gurley at first, but am now starting to consider a WR like Beckham, what are your thoughts?

Give me a reason behind who you would take too, not just a name. Thanks!

So I start with just saying that I haven’t done a dynasty league yet, I’m doing one next year. However there’s a few thing to consider, age, team progression and recent stats. I would go with Gurley because he is a pass catcher and is a one of the top RB’s. Now with Beckham, yes he’s a freak talent has potential to loss a few targets with Barkley coming in and with Engram. Eli isn’t getting any better, so look at the team progression, Eli is a hall a fame QB those don’t come often and when he’s gone that could hurt Beckham in a few years. All in all both are superstars and I’d love to have either one of them, but for dynasty I’d go Gurley.

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Beckham in every dynasty format. It shouldn’t be close. As for him losing targets, I am quite sure that will not happen. Everyone else might. Not Beckham.

OBJ 1.01. Take that in a heartbeat.

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The slim pickings at RB for my next pick is pretty dead on though. Those saying take OBJ, what would you guys do about RB? Just try and get by on rb2s and rbs3?

I would go OBJ also, but I would also consider trading back and seeing if I could trade rape someone. Got a Giants fan in the league?

Take your chances with Rookie RBs later and mix in a couple of guys with potential to go big if you hit (williams/jones) along with some vets who will have some roles who are not necessarily top flight but get the job done (i.e. miller, lewis)

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I’m very comfortable grabbing rookies and Kenyan Drake and then loading up on undervalued RBs (Crowell, Hyde, Lynch, Coleman, Collins, L. Murray, etc) later.

One example: I got Beckham in the first and then traded up for Michael Thomas in the second. My top 3 RBs are Guice, Drake and Michel, and I’m extremely happy with it. I picked up a few of the guys mentioned above later and would be comfortable spot stsrtin them when needed.

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And as mentioned above, trading back is an extremely valid option.

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take gurley or zeke easy. i lean zeke, but you cant go wrong either way. top end RBs are too valuable, and young top end guys are WAY too valuable. OBJ you cant go wrong with either, but i dont care if OBJ is in the league at a high level longer than zeke and gurley. you just cant replace that RB spot easy. (let alone, your team will change so much by the time it matters who you picked, OBJ or gurley/zeke, it really wont matter.) WR isnt easy either when we are talking the level of OBJ, but its still easier. pair that with the drop off in RB1 to RB2, or hell even top 5 to top 10 RBs, its insane. the drop off is a lot more gradual with WRs. i would rather have a big pool of WRs to choose from with my stud RB to lead the way for them. let alone i havent even mentioned the depth of RBs gets really iffy at times behind your RB2s. where WR3s are still pretty valuable.

You’re partially correct about it being hard to replace RB, but here’s where that changes a good bit: it is far, far easier to find a productive RB in rookie drafts than a WR. It’s not even close. As for the gradual decrease at WR, the ones you can count on are still gone by the 4th , maybe 5th round and you can still get guys like Guice, Michel, K. Johnson and your boy Rojo around that price, if not a bit later on.

in recent years that has been true, but it has not always been. fact of the matter is that the trends swing back and forth all the time. its going to start swinging back to WRs soon. otherwise i would agree with you because its a lot easier to see a young RBs potential production than it is to see a WRs. because that depends a lot on their relationship with their QB. so i see what you mean, i just see it the other way. as for the ones you can count on still being gone by round 5, thats still far better than end of round 2, beginning of round 3. dont get me wrong, if im at the 1.03 and zeke and gurley are both gone, im going WR. its only those 2 because they are in a different class. anyone else and im all on board with you.

I think it’s always been true. RB just translates easier from college to the pros. That said, I do think the gap has widened, largely due to the proliferation of gimmicky offenses that don’t ask WRs to learn complex routes or run routes from multiple positions on the field. Of course you’ll find exceptions both ways, but I don’t think this is a short term trend at all.