1.01 pick help!

My rookie draft starts soon, I’m the 1.01, first year in Dynasty. I’m pretty set for WR and RB, I have Thomas, Adams, Shepard, Kirk, as well as Mixon, Michael, Carson, and Ronald Jones. There are more but for sake of time I won’t list everything. I have Andrew Luck and Big Ben. Do you think I should go with the popular 1.01 and take Harry, or take Kyler since I will need a QB in a few years? I’m not really sure what to take here, also considering Josh Jacob’s as with the Raiders new weapon in Brown, the RB position in Oakland will have an easier time. I’ve read he has RB1 upside if utilized properly. Thoughts?

Have you tried shopping the 1.01? If you can get value for it do that. If not take highest upside. Even if it’s kyler. you seem set at qb, but he has mahomes upside.

I have but haven’t had much for offers that suit me. I kind of want to go Kyler, but I don’t really trust the Cardinals Oline. Then with Harry his value falls off in a few years when Brady retires, and he has to compete with Edelman anyway…

I do NOT take Murray inside the top 5 unless I have zero QBs or am in a SF league; however, I do always say, draft your guy. So, if Kyler is your guy then there is no talking you out of him.
All that being said, I think you definitely need a RB.

  • Mixon is a top 10 guy with top 3 upside
  • Michael (I assume you mean Michel) is now an RB2 with Harris in town, he might have a couple RB1 weeks if he gets multiple TDs and he might be outside the top 20 others, there is more uncertainty now.
  • Carson is a locked and loaded RB2; but, his is an injury risk and Penny is due for positive regression. Plus, Penny looks like he’ll be the guy eventually. Carson is only a $17,000 dead cap hit in 2020 and an URF after 2020.
  • Ronald Jones is unpredictable, he could be the starter or never see the field.

I see your RBs as: 1 solid RB1 and 2-3 less reliable RB2s. That, plus your WR core, tells me Jacobs is your pick

Thanks for the takes guys! Kyler is not my guy, I don’t trust his O-line and it scares me that they drafted 3 WR and no o line help really. I think I agree with your take, I’m worried about Carson so adding more RB depth would be helpful here.

Just another thought, if you can move the 1.01 for a solid RB (like Freeman) and a mid-round 1st, I’d do it and draft Montgomery. I’d much rather have a guy like Freeman and Montgomery rather than Jacobs.

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So what if I did my 1.01 + Carson, for Freeman and 1.07?

If you are going to stay at the pick, I would take Jacobs. The Raiders took Jacobs to use him, a lot.

So what if I did my 1.01 + Carson, for Freeman and 1.07? > Blockquote

If an owner says “yes” to that deal, you take it and RUN!!! lol

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Thanks so much for the help guys! @michael_pounders I did want to ask, so you think Montgomery will have value behind Cohen? Even though I have a more WR heavy bench, I wasn’t personally seeing a ton of value in the remaining RB’s leftover.

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You need to go RB here and the pick for me would be Josh Jacobs. He is the RB in this draft with the clearest path to large workload.

I only see Mixon as the sure workhorse RB1 on your team. Michel’s knee worries me and it must worry the Pats too or why would they have drafted Harris. Penny was a first round pick I have to think he gets more involved this year and will eventually take over. Ronald Jones was awful, no indication that he will be any better and can ever make a meaningful impact.

I think Montgomery has a very real change to be Kerryon of last year- slow start with high upside. However, because of the crowded backfield, he my not break into the top 20 consistently. Montgomery has risk but I like him because of his draft capital and skill set.
I only move off the 1.01 if you can stay inside the top 5 picks and get another RB in return.

Ps, I also really like Singletary; but, barring injury, I don’t think he’ll have value until 2020.