1.01 trade?

I see a lot of people floating ideas for 1.01 trades, most aren’t wanting to get rid of it (myself included it’s hard to). I’m a solid contending team this year in my dynasty league, what are some things you would be willing to take in exchange for the 1.01 pick?

I have pick 1.01 in my league. Unfortunately, I can’t trade in the offseason so I’m stuck with it lol. Prob drafting Jonathan Taylor, but I’m waiting to see the landing spots of all the RBs first.

I am also a solid contending team in my league. 3rd year of this dynasty league. Year 1, I made the playoffs. Year 2, I made the championship, but lost. I have the 1.01 pick cuz I traded James Conner for it early in the season. The team I got it from offered me a 1st in a trade I was doing with him. He had 2 1st rounders and at the time, this was the worst of the 2. The original team who he got it from was 3-0 and looked like they were gonna have a pretty solid year. That team lost the rest of their games and ended in last place at 3-10 so I’m pretty happy about that :joy:

If I were to trade it, I would want a young, high potential RB (for some reason Miles Sanders is the only one who comes to mind but I’m sure you could do better than that), a 2020 1st, and maybe a 3rd or solid depth piece. That may be a little high, but some ppl may do it idk lol

If you can get multiple 1st rd picks for the 1.01, that’d be smart. This draft is a good one to invest in. Early-mid 2nds are great too.

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Do you have any needs on your team that might help narrow it down? I generally agree @UncleRico1982 but if you’re set at running back that obviously is going to vary

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Yes true ^ @allcaps18

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I would absolutely move back unless you have your heart set on a specific player.

I would want multiple 1st rounds if they are later (1.08-1.12) and maybe an upshot guy (Montgomery / McLaurin / Gallup / etc) depending on need. I would also be open to 2021 picks as that class will at the least mirror this class. Further, I would take a late 1st and 2 or so early 2nds (2.01-2.05) with the player.

If it is 1.05-1.07, I would just take the pick and a player like above.

Going earlier, 1.02-1.04, I would just take the pick and a 2020 2nd or the 2021 2nd/3rd.

If you are contending, swap the player suggested for a vet to shore up your core. If you are rebuilding, swapping the player for a 2020 2.01-2.06/2021 2nd is a strong play.

You will obviously be limited by your trade partner’s ammo, but that is a bit of a range.

IMHO, there is great opportunity all the way out to the 1.08, potentially the 1.10 depending on your league type. I would comfortably move back to the 1.03 if given the chance. You will still get one of the top 3 RB if you need that, and potentially at 1.04 if you like the general top 4. If you are looking at WR, that is the wild card, but you still should be solid at the 1.03/1.04 to get your guy.

The draft is wide, NOT deep, in my findings this year. That is, lots of even talent potential out through mid-end round 2 and potentially early round 3. We will know much more after the draft. And that is what I would suggest. Do not move this pick until the draft has happened. At this point, you are looking at potential. After the draft, you know landing spots and that shifts things dramatically.

There are just my thoughts, but I hope this helps!

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…and welcome back!

Wow this was a well thought out response, thanks!

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Happy to help out. Hope it was not too much to digest or rambling.

I actually traded the 1.01 away last week. I don’t have my heart set on 1 person at the top of this draft. So I traded the 1.01 for the 1.07, 1.08 & a 2021 2nd.

I also have the 1.05 & 1.06, so it gave me a lot of control in the draft.

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Holy cats! You now have the 1.05-1.08? You are in prime position to get so many solid players. I love the 1.01 this year, but I would easily let it go for your haul. That 2021 2nd is going to be valuable to you. I am collecting them where I can. Same with 2021 1st. If you think you do not need that 1.08, I would move it for a 2021 1st and extras. Not that you were asking :slight_smile:

Very well done!

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Yeah, i missed the playoffs by one game and didn’t give up any starters to acquire these picks. My plan is to wait until our draft and if I don’t love who is left at 8, then I’ll trade.

I agree that I got a great haul for the 1.01, but it still makes me sad to not have the first pick anymore.

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Strangely I just acquired the 1.01. I did not need it (I had the 1.04) but the price was right so i took it. I am thinking I might flip it after the draft. I do not think the guy I want will be taken and if I get the 1.03 I will be fine with it. I actually like many of the guys, but no one is jumping out. I think I would rather trade back and let the draft fall to me. I actually want Lamb over the RBs, so I think taking him at the 1.01 would be a waste of that capital.

That was my reasoning for trading back as well. Nobody jumped out as the clear winner, so I might as well get more assets an be just as happy later in the draft.
If I was you, I would wait until after the NFL draft. The hype for that pick will be good when one of the running backs falls into a great situation.

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That was my plan. Everyone now is happy with the 1.02/1.03…but after landing spots that’s gonna change.