1.01 Value

So I had a bad year last year and I’ve got the 1.01. Is there a can’t miss guy like Barkley coming up, or should I be trying to trade the pick for an established guy?

If I do trade, who do you think I could get? Let’s say straight 1 for 1 to keep it simple

It’s a heavy defensive draft, not many teams in need of a RB and quality players in FA. You could possibly find diamonds if you sift hard enough but, more likely than not you should flip it. You could flip it for potential breakouts like Washington on pitt, Dixon on bal, guice on was or Winston on TB

Man, while I must admit I don’t know much about the upcoming crop of players at this point, it would have to be the worst offensive draft of all time for the 1.01 to be anywhere in the same conversation as Dixon, Washington or Winston.

If you’re looking to trade the 1.01, now is not the time. People get more excited about the rookie prospects as we get closer to the draft, so you’ll get a way better price then. Also, as we get closer more info will come out on the top prospects so you’ll have a better idea what you’re giving up. Stand pat for now.

Depends on the position your team needs. I feel like this is a deep draft for TE, solid options at WR, but RB and QB are weak, situation depending. If a team like KC or Houston drafts Jacobs I think he is the obvious option at the 1.01. There are good WR available too, but again situation depending. If a team in need of a WR 2 (Indy, Pit if Brown leaves, philly) that has a good QB there are plenty of good options there. Can I see some being studs for years to come? Yes. Do I think they will be studs immediately? No. If you are able to trade back and acquire a 2020 first + I’d be all over it. Wait for the hype to build up and sell high if you aren’t sold on a guy.