1.02 and 1.03, no 2nd; draft targets

I have the 1.02 and 1.03 in a .5 PPR 12 team keeper league. I just traded my keeper, Lev Bell, for the 1.03 and 3.03. top RBs on the board are Melvin Gordon and Super Kamario, WR’s available are Julio, Kennan Allen, AJ Green; Gronk is also available.

Should I start with Gordon and then reach for Gronk? Or go two top 6-7 RB’s and snag Gordon and Kamario? I think there is enough value at WR to fill those spots in the 3rd with my one of my two and then in the 4th

I’d go with Gordon and Kamara. You want to lock down those RB1’s, and you should be in a good place with them leading the way. Gronk shouldn’t be taken in the top of the 1st, that reach is too far to justify.


@Dahmus Agreed 100 Percent


That’s the way I was leaning as well. Thanks for the input and affirmation.

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