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1.02 Dynasty Trade


I have the 1.02 in this year’s Rookie/FA draft. I’m stacked at RB so am targeting a WR. I know for a fact that the 1.01 will take Fournette, leaving me with an obvious WR pick of Corey Davis.

Is it worth trying to trade away my 1.02 for a veteran WR and if so who would you target over Corey Davis?


I think part of the answer depends on whether you believe you’d be making a run for the championship this year with a vet, but not with Davis but I’d also say its just about always worth finding out what your pick is worth to other managers whether or not you are sure you want to move it.
Someone in the range of TY Hilton could be close to a straight up trade (though you may have to throw a later round pick in as well), or Alshon Jeffrey plus a 2nd to you may be plausible.
Sometimes waiting until you are in draft will yield a greater value, but lay the groundwork with folks who are interested in moving up beforehand.


Great advice from Jared. I’d find out who’s in love with Davis, Mixon or McCaffrey. If someone is coveting one of those players at the 1.02…they might be aggressive in their offer.


It never hurts to shop around, but don’t trade the pick unless you get great value in return. To me, the guy I LOVE that many Dynasty owners don’t feel great about right now is Dez. As Jared said, Hilton would be a steal as well. But if you can’t get a stud, then don’t trade it away.


Thanks guys. I’ll test the water and see what I can get.

I thankfully already have Dez!


Not many biting here. Considering Terrelle Pryor however as they need RBs (Mixon or McCaffrey)

I have currently…

Robby Anderson, WR-NYJ
Dez Bryant, WR-DAL
Cole Beasley, WR-DAL
DeAndre Hopkins, WR-HOU
Donte Moncrief, WR-IND
Sterling Shepard, WR-NYG
Tyrell Williams, WR-LAC