1.02 in keeper redraft

I have the 1.02 and 4.11 picks, keeping Kamara in the 2nd, and AJ Green in the 3rd. There’ll be 24 players off the board between those two picks. So here’s the question; Gordon, Barkley or Gronk at the 1.02? Two RB studs and and a WR stud or stud RB/WR/TE. Leaning RB but Gronk-smash is so tempting!

First question is what kind of scoring is this league?
Lets look at it this way. If your going against a team would you rather have to play against a team with
RB: Barkley/Gordon
RB: Kamara
WR:AJ Green
WR:Tate, DT, AROB, Hogan, (ADP: 4.11, 4.08, 5.04, 4.07 in 0.5 PPR)
TE: Graham, Olsen, Engram, Burton (ADP: 5.03, 6.01, 6.07, 7.01 in 0.5 PPR)


RB: Kamara
RB: Ajayi, Lewis, Lynch, Miller (ADP: 4.09, 5.08, 5.06, 4.06 in 0.5 PPR)
WR: Green
WR: Same as above
TE: Gronk

Obviously the team that you would not want to go against is going to look like the stronger team in your opinion so draft that way.
There are a lot of variables with how your league likes to draft and who will be available for you at your picks, but hopefully this break down lets you look at it from a different perspective and makes the choice a little easier.

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