1.02 or Golloday .5 PPR

I own the 1.02 in a 10 Team SF League. .5 PPR The Format is 1QB 1SF 2RB 2WR 1TE 2FLX 1D/ST

My Current Roster

QB: Rodgers, Big Ben, Daniel Jones, Keenum and Rosen (Okay Here)
RB: M. Gordon, Drake, J. White, Gore, Richard, J. Jackson, Mckinnon (Weak)
WR: Evans, AJ Green, Slayton, Cobb, Goodwin, Djax, Watkins, Moncrief, Wilson, Conley, Higgins, Hurd, Isabell, Ginn (Okay Here)
TE: Ertz, Rudolph (Okay for now)
D/ST: Chargers, Vikings, Bills (Good)

I feel I would need alot to go right to compete so trading away the 1.02 seems kinda foolish but Golloday seems like a good return for that pick at the least.


It seems like you’d be able to get a little bit more for the 1.02 - the hype for this draft class is real. Since it is most likely going to be a QB in a SF league and you don’t need one, I’d feel comfortable trading it away if I were you. See if you can squeeze a little bit more out of the Golladay owner (a 3rd round pick, at a minimum I’d say) and if not, shop it around and get yourself a nice haul. Good luck :slight_smile:

In SF I would not make that trade. I would ask for a 2nd back as a minimum because you know they are likely getting a long term valuable asset. Golladay is fine and all, but he is in no way (to me) worth the 1.02 straight up.

Being honest, though, I would keep the pick and then look to trade after the draft. You will likely get a better return that way and being frank you could use the QB. AARod and Big Ben are not long for the league and Tua / Burrow should be long term assets. In SF the QB goes very fast and early (as you know) and you do not know if/when you will have a pick that early again. If things go well, you will not be drafting early :wink:

I would not move that pick now either way. You will be getting much better offers after the NFL Draft.

Just my thoughts but I hope they help!