1.02 pick....HELP!

I’m going bonkers with this pick. I traded up right after the NFL draft thinking it would be obvious to go Guice but all this Penny talk is making me reconsider my own life…and some of my fav analyst’s are picking Michel. Dear god this is tortuous. Someone give me some fresh perspective with this pick.

I would make it easier on yourself and limit the debate between Guice and Penny. Michel very well could be a home run but he could just as easily be what most FF experts predict - week to week boom & bust. I suppose he could eclipse the career of Belichick but I wouldn’t bank on it.

Keep it simple. The numbers favor Penny. Skillset/o-line favors Guice. I really don’t think you go wrong w either… me at 1.02 would go Guice.

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Guice by a mile. I don’t think Penny is as talented or in as good a position.

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I’d go Guice as well! He’s the truth.