1.02 Startup Dynasty HELP

Hey fellow footballers,

I have the 1.02 in a half ppr Dynasty Startup. I have done many mock drafts to try and figure out a strategy I like most.


1.Michael Thomas first and then go WR, WR (Golladay and Jones have been the most common). Followed by Heavy RB. This leaves me with the Fournette, Carson, Mopertunity tier for my RBs.

  1. Heavy RBs. With Saquan or CMC first. Then D Henry, Dobinsesque players. After going RB Heavy I’ve been left with the following WR core: Woods, Thielen, Ruggs, Hilton. After picking Dobins, I snagged Ingram.

  2. Thomas at 1.02 then getting Henry or Ekler.

I know I am supposed to stay water and expect everything. I am currently leaning towards the WR heavy strategy since the RB turnover is so quick.

At the 1.02 position I’m taking an RB. Then likely focusing on WR for a few rounds. This provides me the best chances to win early. I prefer to play dynasty with a win-now mentality.

Nothing wrong with the other strategies you outlined.